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Longevity and lessons learned have brought us to this place. For more than 30 years, there has been fear, ignorance, stigma, loss, and scientific advances associated with HIV and AIDS. The African American AIDS  Awareness Action Alliance is asking people in the community to join our efforts in reaching out to those who don’t know their status and do not know that they are at risk.

Where there is ignorance let reason prevail, where there is stigma let open-minds consider, where there is fear let courage win, where there is disregard let there be compassion. Please work with your spheres of influence as your voices are needed to help amplify our message to end HIV.


Be Empowered. Be Well.

Fighting HIV/AIDS through involving the Portland, OR community in planning, coordinating, and implementing HIV/AIDS/STDs, and mental health prevention programs in dynamic ways to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS in the African American community.